Dani Divine Coffin Handbag
Dani Divine Coffin Handbag
Dani Divine Coffin Handbag
Dani Divine Coffin Handbag
Dani Divine Coffin Handbag
Dani Divine Coffin Handbag
Coffin Handbag By Avelina De Moray
Coffin Handbag By Avelina De Moray
Coffin Handbag By Avelina De Moray
Coffin Handbag By Avelina De Moray
Coffin Handbag By Avelina De Moray
Coffin Handbag By Avelina De Moray
Coffin Handbag By Avelina De Moray
Coffin Handbag By Avelina De Moray
Coffin Handbag By Avelina De Moray

Dani Divine Coffin Handbag

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NOTE: 27/11/23 Purple with spikes has SOLD OUT. Any new orders will begin the preorders for the next batch and will not ship immediately. Expect a 2-3month wait.

If you see "IN STOCK" - you bag will ship immediately.


Introducing the most iconic Coffin Handbag you'll ever lay your eyes on. This masterpiece, designed by Avelina De Moray & Dani Divine is not for the faint-hearted. With its cutting-edge design, spiked accents and insane quality, it's truly an investment piece that will become a staple in any gothically-inclined fashion connoisseur's wardrobe.

The exterior of this magnificent handbag is made from matte black faux leather, adorned with patent spiderweb detailing and diamond-crystal rivets. A black bejeweled metal spider sits on faux python leather, adding to the gothic vibe.

The spacious coffin-shaped interior is lined with luxurious velvet and available in a range of bold colors, including red, purple, fuchsia and fluoro green. The coffin also features two internal zippered pockets with crescent moon zipper pulls, 

and an open pocket for quick access. The pocket features a sewn-on patent patch, proudly printed with 'Dani Divine by Avelina De Moray'.

There is also a key chain strap with keyring attachment and a back slip pocket, (lined with matching velvet), which is perfect for your phone.

This stunning coffin handbag comes with a removable strap, allowing you to wear it cross-body. Available in both spiked and non-spiked versions, and made from 100% vegan materials, it's an eco-friendly addition to your wardrobe.

At 35cm width, 23cm height, and 13cm depth, this coffin handbag is perfect for carrying all your essentials in style. And with the 'Avelina De Moray' metal logo on the back, you'll be sure to turn heads wherever you go. Don't miss your chance to own the ultimate coffin handbag.

The Dani Divine coffin handbag is part of a matching set of luxurious coffin-shaped accessories that includes a smaller coffin purse, a coffin-shaped wallet, and a coffin mirror. Get the set HERE.


  • Patent¬†spiderweb detailing with¬†diamond-crystal rivets
  • Black bejeweled metal spider sitting on Faux python leather
  • Exterior made from matte black faux leather.
  • Interior lined with luxurious¬†velvet. Available in RED, PURPLE,¬†FUCHSIA or FLURO GREEN)
  • 2 Internal zippered pockets (featuring crescent moon zipper pulls)
  • 1¬†pouch lined with black piping
  • 1 key chain strap with keyring attachment.
  • Back slip pocket for your phone (lined with matching¬†velvet)
  • 'Avelina De Moray' metal logo on the back of the handbag.
  • 1 removable strap (part chain, part leather)
  • Available in a SPIKED & NON-SPIKED version.
  • 100% Vegan. All materials used are faux leather.


  • Width: 35cm
  • Height: 23cm
  • Depth: 13cm


If you're planning on filming an unboxing video or posting a pic on Instagram or TikTok, please tag both Dani and Avelina for your chance to be featured on Avelinas pages!

Or scan the QC code below to find Avelinas social accounts:

Scan the QR code to get the links to Avelina's social medis accounts.


Introducing the fierce and powerful Dani Divine, a world-renowned burlesque model with 850K followers on Instagram. Dani Divine is a force to be reckoned with, known for her captivating performances with fire and her appearances on countless magazine covers worldwide. She is one of the strongest and most active females in the alternative modeling scene, and Avelina De Moray is honored to be working with her on the Dani Divine Coffin Collection. Visit Dani Divines Instagram page here

*Colours/hues may vary to the actual item colours depending on your computer settings.

Shipping note: I apologise for the price of shipping. I am only charging exactly what Australia post is charging me. This bag is significantly bulkier than any of my other bags to date, and I had to raise the shipping fee to cover the cost. 


Postage is calculated on the total weight of your order.

As an example:

For Australian Customers:
‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 500g $15
‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 1KG $17.50
‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 2KG $22
‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 3KG $24
‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 5KG $27
‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 5KG+ $30

For American Customers:
‚ÄĘ Up to 200g $16
‚ÄĘ Up to 500g $23
‚ÄĘ Up to 1KG $30
‚ÄĘ Up to 1.5KG $35
‚ÄĘ Up to 2KG $42.50
‚ÄĘ Up to 2.5KG $50
‚ÄĘ Up to 3KG $52.50
‚ÄĘ Up to 4KG $55
‚ÄĘ 5KG+ $60

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