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COMA WHITE 19/8/23

Come White by Avelina De Moray


Unveiling a heartfelt homage to one of my all-time musical influences – the iconic Marilyn Manson. Introducing "Coma White," a soul-stirring cover that echoes with memories of a bygone era. This song has held a special place in my heart since the days of the "Mechanical Animals" album, one of Manson's most poignant creations.
This track was recorded live in my studio, and Im so proud to have capture it in one take. It's 100% live with zero autotune. It's all just PURE AVELINA connecting with the story and sentiment of this pretty yet dark song.
As I grew up with Manson's albums, his music became a part of my journey, shaping my own artistic path. Despite recent controversies, I acknowledge the profound impact his artistry had on me. "Coma White" speaks to a vulnerable side of me, a time when I felt like a broken doll, cold and blank.
This cover pays homage to that, reminding us never to lose the warmth and depth that makes us human.
Join me in this nostalgic musical journey as "Coma White" graces all streaming platforms on Saturday, August 19th. It's a tribute that resonates with those who've felt the same connection to Manson's ethereal world.
But that's not all – just a week later, brace yourselves for my powerful third single, "Cruel," set to be unleashed on August 26th.
Get ready for an influx of A.D.M that you can seamlessly weave into your reels and share with the world, my darlings!
🔗 listen to "Coma White" below ITUNES:
With love and artistry,
Avelina De Moray

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