The Coffin Chronicles: My weekly newsletter: ISSUE #6 OUT NOW.

🖤 Hey everyone! Welcome to the debut of The coffin chronicles, my new weekly newsletter.
Here, I'll be sharing updates on what's happening in my world, including new products, collaborations, and even some cool music I've been vibing to. It's a great way to stay in the loop with all things gothic and keep up with my latest endeavors. 
Ill also be offering EXCLUSIVE weekly product discounts available ONLY to subscribers of my newsletter. so please sign up below and let's explore the darker side together!
Please note: These discounts will only run for 48 hours and then expire. So please be quick.
I will also post a link to each weeks newsletter below, incase you want to read them all.
Bloody Kisses,


Links to the previous issues of Avelinas newsletter, The coffin chronicles:

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  • Krystal Blak

    I was introduced to your site from watching Black Friday on you tube and look forward to seeing all you beautiful goods

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