DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet
DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet - Avelina De Moray
DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet
DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet
DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet - Avelina De Moray
DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet
DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet - Avelina De Moray
DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet - Avelina De Moray
DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet - Avelina De Moray
DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet - Avelina De Moray
DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet

DeathCandy V2.0 Coffin Wallet

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ūüĖ§ URGENT UPDATE 15/5/23¬†ūüĖ§:

Hurry! Only a limited number of black and purple Deathcandy coffins are still available in stock. As we gear up for the highly anticipated release of the Black Friday jewelry set, these remaining wallets are expected to fly off the shelves. Don't miss out on your chance to own this iconic piece!

Please take note: If you see the purple PRE ORDER button, it means the wallet is currently in manufacturing as of 15/5/23. Only Red & Purple are being made in batch 2. Anticipate a 2-3 month wait for delivery. However, if you spot the ADD TO CART button, it means the item is IN STOCK and ready for immediate shipment. Act fast to secure your ultimate gothic accessory!

Listen up, you edgy coffin lovers! Do you crave a wallet that's bigger and badder than all the other coffin wallets out there? Then feast your eyes on this beast - the DeathCandy by Avelina De Moray coffin wallet!

It's not just a wallet, it's a freaking statement piece. This coffin wallet is like a hybrid between an oversize wallet and a small clutch - it's big enough to hold all your essentials and then some, but not so big that you'll need a separate casket to carry it around.

Made from 100% vegan-friendly faux leather, with a red velvet and PU Patent interior, this baby is soft to the touch but as tough as nails. It's got nine card slots, a photo ID slot, and even a coffin-shaped photo slot (because who doesn't want to keep pics of Peter Steele or Children close to their cold, dead heart?).

But wait, there's more! The velvet border detail on the front and back adds an extra touch of gothic glamour, and the crescent moon zipper pull is just straight-up badass. The wallet features a crescent moon on the front and 'death' with two inverted pentgrams on the back & "DeathCandy by Avelina De Moray" printed on the inside. (all printed in metallic silver) You'll be the envy of all your goth friends.

And did we mention it's large enough to fit an iPhone 14Plus or Samsung Galaxy? Yeah, we're serious. So if you want to show off your coffin obsession in style, grab this DeathCandy by Avelina De Moray coffin wallet. And guess what? DeathCandy gets a cut of every wallet sold, so you're supporting a badass independent influencer while you're at it. It's like Fight Club, but with coffins instead of fists.


  • Length: 25cm
  • Width:15cm
  • Depth:3cm


  • Outer Material: Faux leather
  • Interior: velvet & PU Patent.


  • 9 Card slots & 1 photo ID & 1 coffin-shaped photo slot.
  • Comes with a removable handle strap.
  • Velvet border detail on front & back.
  • Crescent moon zipper pull.
  • Front & back metallic silver printing
  • "DeathCandy by Avelina De Moray" printed on the inside
  • Large zippered divider (featuring a second smaller zipped section for coins)
  • Large enough to fit an iPhone 14Plus or Samsung Galaxy.
  • 100% Vegan friendly.
  • Weight: 350 grams

13/5/23 Please note: I have only a handful of these left in stock. Green and red have already sold out. Batch 2 is now in production, and will arrive in June/July (*estimate timeframe only*)


Introducing the gothic alternative influencer from Greece,  DeathCandy  With a witchy edge and an iconic nugoth look,  DeathCandy  has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram (167K) and has worked with some of the biggest names and brands in the Gothic subculture, including Avelina De Moray. Her unique style and captivating content have made her a beloved figure in the community, and her collaborations with various alternative fashion brands such as Killstar, Sourpuss, Punkrave, Attitude, and Toofast have solidified her status as a gothic icon.

*interior colors may vary onscreen from device to device.

        DeathCandy will receive a royalty from each item sold.

        Layby, Afterpay, Partially & Youpay now available. Click here for more info on our available payment plans.



        If you're planning on filming an unboxing video or posting a pic on Instagram or TikTok, please tag both DeathCandy and Avelina for your chance to be featured on Avelinas pages!

        Or scan the QC code below to find Avelinas social accounts:

        Scan the QR code to get the links to Avelina's social medis accounts.


        This wallet design is protected by international copyright law. Copyright © 2019 Avelina De Moray.

        Postage is calculated on the total weight of your order.

        As an example:

        For Australian Customers:
        ‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 500g $15
        ‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 1KG $17.50
        ‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 2KG $22
        ‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 3KG $24
        ‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 5KG $27
        ‚ÄĘ Australia Post - Up to 5KG+ $30

        For American Customers:
        ‚ÄĘ Up to 200g $16
        ‚ÄĘ Up to 500g $23
        ‚ÄĘ Up to 1KG $30
        ‚ÄĘ Up to 1.5KG $35
        ‚ÄĘ Up to 2KG $42.50
        ‚ÄĘ Up to 2.5KG $50
        ‚ÄĘ Up to 3KG $52.50
        ‚ÄĘ Up to 4KG $55
        ‚ÄĘ 5KG+ $60

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