As Angels Bleed CD - Avelina De Moray
As Angels Bleed CD - Avelina De Moray
As Angels Bleed CD - Avelina De Moray
As Angels Bleed CD - Avelina De Moray
As Angels Bleed CD - Avelina De Moray
As Angels Bleed CD - Avelina De Moray
As Angels Bleed CD - Avelina De Moray

As Angels Bleed CD

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As Angels Bleed are a four piece gothic-symphonic metal band from Sydney heavily influenced by Vampire themes and imagery.

Fronted by femme fatale vocalist and gothic artist, Avelina De Moray, reinforced by Von Lehmann on guitars & effects and solidified by Frank Macri and Jack Savage on drums and bass respectively, the band have spent the better part of the last three years holed up in the studio letting the music from their debut album form organically and mature into what you hear today.

This kept each song in a constant state of metamorphosis right up until the last two days before entering the mix down studio in Orlando, Florida. This unusual concept of song writing and music production stems for the bands belief that each song is a living, breathing work of art that is never finished, merely abandoned. In fact Von was recently quoted in saying, “We don’t write the songs, the songs write themselves. We are merely the conduit through which they pass”.

The album was recorded at Hells Gate Studio in Sydney & Mixed byMark Lewis and Eyal Levi at Audio Hammer Studios, USA (Devil Driver, Trivium & Death Angel etc), and also enlists the help of guest vocalist Oliver Fogwell of Sydney Industrial Metallers Our Last Enemy, the 105 piece Hells Gate symphonic Orchestra and the unholy voices of The Choir Of The Dammed.

With song titles like Carfax Abbey and A Love Worth Dying For, the romantic, gothic elements of poets like Byron and Milton are obvious and along with the influence of Stoker and Rice, the Vampiric overtones present in the artwork and lyrics will have you checking if the band is from the English midlands of the 19th century rather than from suburban Sydney

The end result takes the listener on a dark journey to hell and back across a sea of melody and a rhythm that is not only supremely thick and heavy but sexual and sensual in its delivery.

Having amassed a legion of fans keen on submersing themselves and sinking their fangs in to the world which AAB have created, Avelina has produced a strikingly beautiful and strictly limited edition full colour, embossed and leather bound book expanding their gothic concept by featuring portraits, photography and artwork in a mesmerizing display across 64 pages that perfectly compliment every song on the album. Read more in the attached PDF


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