Gothic Trinity Cross Necklace
Gothic Trinity Cross Necklace
Gothic Trinity Cross Necklace

Gothic Trinity Cross Necklace

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Introducing the captivating "Gothic Trinity Cross Necklace" β€” a mesmerizing symbol of edgy elegance and strength. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this triple-layered necklace features three distinct crosses, each holding its unique allure.

The top cross represents a simplified interpretation of the iconic symbol, exuding timeless appeal. The second cross takes on a more gothic design with its sharp edges, embodying a fierce and daring spirit. And finally, the largest cross, a crucifix intricately woven with nails and thread, serves as a powerful homage to Trinity from The Matrix β€” a character known for her unwavering strength.

Designed to evoke multiple perspectives and personal transformation, the nested crosses serve as a visual reminder of our ability to reinvent ourselves or embrace all facets of our identity simultaneously. Avelina's affinity for the cross stems from her fascination with vampires and their complex relationship with the symbol, adding an intriguing layer of mystique.

As you adorn this extraordinary piece, each cross rests gracefully on a different styled chain, adding to its enchanting allure. The first is a 40cm twist chain, conveying a sense of dynamic movement. The second, a 48cm ball chain, exudes an understated sophistication. And finally, the third, a 62cm curb chain, offers a touch of boldness. Completing the design, an extendable tail of 10cm showcases a coffin charm embellished with the distinctive "Avelina De Moray" logo.

Embrace your divine power with the "Gothic Trinity Cross Necklace" and let it empower you to embrace your unique essence. Whether you resonate with its spiritual significance or simply appreciate its striking beauty, this extraordinary piece is a testament to your inner strength and beauty.

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