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Why The Death Candy wallet will no longer have glitter pink patent.

Posted on June 01 2018

In early 2018, China changed one of their laws which deemed that the creation of  glitter patent was too harmful to the environment to continue to manufacture..

As a result, the pink glitter patent that was previously shown on the inside of this wallet, will no longer available.

As Avelina was not able to find a matching plane hot pink material to perfectly match the hot pink velvet on the interior of this wallet, she decided to change the this section of this wallet to black patent.

Many of you were as excited as Avelina and death Candy were to be able to use the glitter within this coffin, but I'm sure many of you will agree, if a change has to be made, the reason behind it being the safety of the environment is incredibly important and valid.

I hope you are all able to live with this small change, and I have some exciting news that we have received enough pre-orders to go into production!!!!

My manufacture has told me 65 to 70 days to fulfil the order, and then the items were shipped to me by Sea.

They do need to pass through customs & then be delivered locally to me, so I would be over the moon if I am able to start to ship these items to you sometime in September. (Fingers Crossed).

Also, this wallet has now been released with a fluoro green interior, blood red, and black.

Thank you for supporting Death Candy and myself.


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