UPDATES on the DELIVERY of the Black Friday Clutch


8/1/2018 - FINALLY! Everything has been fixed and ALL pending international orders have now LEFT DHLS Sydney port and are on their way to you!!

5/1/2018 - DHL called me and said they have relabeled the majority of the packages, and will send me the new tracking number for everyone ASAP, Possibly tonight. And as soon as I receive them I will email you all the details.

4/12/2017DHL just called me and said due to their mistake, they need to re-label all of my 150+ International packages. This should be done by them tomorrow. They will then send me NEW tracking numbers which I will send out to customers.

3/12/17 - We're not having much luck folks! DHL have experienced an internal system error which has kept over 100 of my packages at their Sydney Depot. I have been posting updates on this, and will continue to do so until I am told that your parcels are on their way to you!

This is why some of your tracking numbers aren't working. This is TOTALLY out of my control, and not my fault at all, please accept my apologies for the delay on DHLs behalf.

(This was the ACTUAL cause of the delay mentioned below)

Please visit my Facebook page for updates on when the parcels will be on their way to you.




The bags arrived to me on the 20th of December, a few days before Christmas.

I have shipped the bags in order of how the pre-orders came in, so if you have been waiting the longest, your bag would have been in the first pick up last Thursday.

The bags have been mailed in three shipments, as my courier could only pick up 100 parcels a day.

  • Thursday the 21st December 2017 - 100 bags shipped
  • Friday the 22nd December 2017  - 100 bags shipped
  • Today, Wednesday the 27th December  2017 - 100 bags shipped
  • Tomorrow, Thursday the 28th December 2017 - 35 bags shipped.

I entered all customer information into DHL at least a week prior to the bags actually being mailed, so i apologize if this pre-shipment notification from DHL has confused some customers. I was just trying to stay on top of the orders.

Please do not be alarmed if your tracking number does still not present you with a result. Just give it a few days and when the bag is on the move, it will start to update.

The world also closed for a few days over Christmas, so unavoidable delays during this period are expected.

Bloodyv Kisses,

Avelina De Moray & Black Friday

Black Friday Clutch - Zipper Care from Avelina on Vimeo.


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