The Jack Townson Aknh Pendant is arriving next week!

UPDATE: 12/7/24 THEY HAVE ARRIVED! I will start shipping these out immediately to customers.

Manufacturing is complete, and the first batch of Jack Townson Vampire Akhns will have been shipped to me and are on their way!

As soon as they arrive, i will start posting out the preorders to customers,

Thank you for suppoting both Jack and myself with this vampy collab!



  • Linda Nielsen

    Greetings Avelina and Vampire Jack! I’m extremely glad that the both of you decided to collaborate on this new item on the website, The Immortal Vampire Ankh pendant looks awesome from what Avelina has shown on her video and has even mentioned my husband Albert’s name, who ordered the item for me as a belated birthday/anniversary present to celebrate my 65th birthday in May and our 23rd wedding anniversary in June. I also enjoyed Avelina’s music video LIKE A DRUG, which reminds me of Lady Gaga whose music I enjoy!!! I apologize to Vampire Jack, whose books I have not purchased or music videos I have not seen. However I did see his brief storyline video made with his partner and I enjoyed it very much!!! I’m very glad that there are still some very creative people out there who are willing to put out their efforts to make the world a brighter place even though it’s with a spooky twist!!! Thanks for putting a smile on this elder goth’s face, it makes my day!!!! With Moonlight wishes and Vampire dreams, Linda Nielsen

  • Khristina

    Hi the vampire jack town son

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