The Goth Mum Tag by Avelina De Moray & ReeRee Phillips

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Video Description: Video description: The “GOTH MUM TAG” Started by Avelina De Moray & ReeRee Phillips.
This is a fun tag video that we hope you enjoy and we also encourage you to do it yourself if you are a Goth or Alternative mother!

I’ll list the questions below so you can easily film your own Goth Mum Tag video!

1. Do you force your kids to wear black?
2. Do we force our children to listen to Metal, or Rock n Roll?
3. What is my favorite alternative clothing brand for my kids?
4. Do you want to have any more baby bats?
5. Have you or have your children ever
experienced any negativity due to the way that i dress?
6. Do you hope that your kids will follow in your
stylistic footsteps when they come of age?
7. To quote 'Eric Draven' from The Crow..."Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children". Do you think it's important to be a positive, strong role model for your children?
8. What do your children think about the way that you dress?
9. Have your children ever felt, or do you ever
feel like you embarrass your kids?
10. As a Goth mother in the sub-culture community,
can you offer any advice to other mothers our there?

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Corset plunge top from Forever21 (USA)
Lips: 'Morticia' by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics
Eye shadow palette used: Metal Matte by Kat Von D Beauty

Music by my band AS ANGELS BLEED. Featured song "Beautifully Decayed"

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