Tell Me About LAY-BUY!! How Does It Work At My Online Store?

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VIDEO DESCRIPTION: In this video I explain how the LAY-BUY payment option works at my online store! You guys have been asking for this, so I hope it helps!

Lay-Buy is available WORLDWIDE & is a great split payment solution for our International customers. To place an order with us using Lay-Buy, you simply need to have an existing Paypal account & select the LAY-BUY option when on the Payments page during checkout.

After selecting the Lay-Buy option, you will be ask to select the ammount of your first payment (25% of your order total is the minimum, which you will be charged for immediately) . You will also be asked to select how long you would like to complete the remaining balance of your order (with a maximum option of 2 months).

At this point, you will be redirected to Paypal to complete your first payment. Easy!

The only fee for using Lay Buy is a ONCE OFF payment of 0.9% of your orders total (Which you pay when paying your down payment).

Registering for a Paypal account is free & you can do so here: http:/


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