Selene Coffin Earrings: NOW IN STOCK

Enter the realm of enchantment with Avelina De Moray's stunning Selene Coffin Earrings, now available in all four captivating colors and two exquisite versions. Embrace the perfect fusion of darkness and sophistication. 🌙💀
Crafted with meticulous detail, these earrings embody the essence of gothic allure. The sleek coffin shape and finest materials create a striking contrast that ignites your inner rebel.
In stainless steel, the Selene coffin earrings bring durability and style to your everyday look. With their resilient nature, they are ready to accompany you on your wildest adventures.
For the pinnacle of luxury, our 925 sterling silver Selene coffin earrings shine with elegance and sophistication. Adorn yourself with these precious gems and immerse yourself in the world of refined darkness.
Choose your favorite from the deep black, enchanting purple, striking red, and mystical green options. Embrace your inner darkness and adorn yourself with Avelina De Moray's Selene coffin earrings that resonate with your unique spirit.
Elevate your style and let your spirit soar in the realm of darkness. 🌙✨
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Selene Coffin Earrings by Avelina De Moray

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