New Youtube Video: Gothic Jewelry Collaboration with Black Friday


Join Avelina De Moray in this exciting launch video for the @itisblackfriday jewelry collaboration. These are a must-have for any lover of the macabre, and fan of YouTuber Extraordinaire Black Friday. This set has also proudly been crowned the official merchandise for her ‘Belfry Bats’ fan club.

🦇 PRE ORDER THE JEWELRY HERE: Black Friday Collection:

Avelina showcases the stunning coffin ring, pendant, and earrings, highlighting the intricate details and color options.

She discusses the differences between the stainless steel and sterling silver sets, including price points and packaging. Avelina shares her excitement about the collaboration and how it supports Black Friday.

Stay tuned for updates on manufacturing and shipping. Visit Black Friday's Youtube channel below: @itisblackfriday

Don't forget to check out @AvelinaDeMoray new single "Like a Drug" and consider using her songs in your upcoming unboxing videos.

Thank you for being a part of Avelina's channel! Listen to the single on SPOTIFY (60K streams!)

Watch the video clip for LIKE A DRUG here:    • Like A Drug By Av...  

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