My Skype Call With ITS BLACK FRIDAY About Her Handbag

Watch this video here:

This video is a cut down version of my very first Skype call with Youtuber Black Friday! Our conversation went for about 4 hours, and we got on marvelously well! We chat about life, our interests, moving into new houses, moving to new towns and of course our handbag collaboration!

From this skype call, I gathered enough information to design the BLACK FRIDAY clutch, which is showcased throughout this video.
Black Fridays sample bag is currently being manufactured by my handbag company, and will be unveiled on both of our Youtube channels for the official launch as soon as it is ready!

This bag is now available for pre-order here:

Avelina is incredibly proud to have created what will become Black Friday's FIRST official piece of merchandise.

Please understand that the only way to secure yourself one of these Black Friday bags, is by pre-ordering yourself one now. We do expect them to sell out.

The front features an evil ‘bat wing’ inspired design, consisting of three ‘raised’ panels made from the sexiest goth material known to man; PU PATENT LEATHER.

Every material used within this bag are faux & VEGAN friendly, as this was VERY important to both Black Friday & Avelina.

The outside of this stunning bag is made from textured matte leather (faux), has Black Friday's beloved ‘Sigil Of Lucifer’ printed in metallic silver on the bottom left hand corner & 14 large silver rivets adorning the top of this deathly unique bag.

The top left of the bag features a wing made from the deepest & blackest of all materials; black suede. This gives the bag a lovely layered dimension up against the other materials used. Avelina's first material choice for this section was actually velvet, but when she learnt that black suede was significantly blacker than black velvet, she knew Black Friday would approve the use of suede instead.

This bag is 50 shades of BLACK, just like Avelina & Black Friday's souls.

The interior of the bag is lined with BLOOD RED suede leather & features a built-in makeup mirror, a large interior zippered compartment & a plaque that reads ‘Black Friday by Avelina De Moray’

The back of the bag also has a large 20cm back zipper for additional storage for important items (lined with black satin).
This bag will come with a removable & adjustable black shoulder strap. Strap length: 120cm

All hardware on the bag is silver.

• Bag Length: 30cm
• Bag Height: 14cm
• Bag Base depth: 6cm
• Strap length: 120cm (also adjustable)
• Weight 875 grams

SHIPPING NOTE: Due to the crazy amount of metal attachments this bag has (14 spike rivets) please understand that it is a little dearer to ship internationally. Avelina makes ZERO money off the shipping.

SHIPPING COST (In Australian Dollars)
• Australia: $15
• New Zealand: $16.50
• Worldwide: $27.50

Black Friday will receive 25% profit from each bag sold.
Note: this product will be manufactured once we've reached 75 pre-orders. Therefore, this product will not ship immediately. We estimate that this item will ship 4 weeks after our pre-order quota has been met.

Thank you! Black Friday & Avelina.

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