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VIDEO DESCRIPTION: My Best Friend Liza does my makeup whilst I give her a hard time throughout the ENTIRE video. Laugh along with me in this entertaining best friend makeup challenge!

A big thank you to Liza for putting up with my shit, and having a laugh with me when she probably should have punched me lol.

2:25 PRIMER: Illamasqua Primer
3:30 FOUNDATION: Clinique 'Even Better SPF 15' - shade 61 (or alamaska) + Manic Panic ‘Star Gazer’ applied with a beauty blender
8:20 SETTING: Makeup forever HD definition setting powder
9:00 CONTOURING Mac Emote Blush
9:40 EYESHADOW PRIMER: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
10:00 EYESHADOW Kay Von D Shade & Light Palette.
12:40 EYESHADOW Kat Von D Sepentina & Metal Matte palettes..
14:10: Realizing we are using an oil painting brush for makeup (lol)
16:40 Eyebrows – Brush (Nude by Nature brow brush)
21:20 EYELINER: Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner
23:20 MASCARA: Maybelline
24:10 HIGHLIGHTING: Becker ‘Shimmering skin perfecter’. Shade Pearl.
25:10 Avelina badly sings Closer by NIN with her Drac Makens bag on percussion.
26:50 Avelinas son London joins the video.
27:50 Liza speaks about meeting Avelina for the first time.
29:20 LASHES.
30:00 Funny conversations about Pap tests and labias.
31:50 Avelina sings Hurt by NIN.
33:40 LIPS: Black Moon Cosmetics liquid lipstick from the Metal Trinity.

• Moon Crescent earrings by The Pumpkin Coven.
• Furniture in the background by HAUNT CULT.
• Lighting: Diva Super Nova ring light.

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