DELAY ANNOUNCEMENT: The Black Friday & Frankenstein set has been pushed back to April due to Covid restrictions & factory shutdown in China.

Manufacturing Delay of Black Friday & Frankenstein set due to Covid 19.

Posted on January 23 2021

I’ve received some bad news today.

COVID-19 19 is picking up in China again, and I’ve been told the government has closed many factories early in order to get the workers home before the lockdown which is going to occur before their Spring Break. This is a massive 3 week holiday that occurs in February that basically shuts down China and all of its manufacturing, and they don’t return until the beginning of march.

I was assured that my order would be completed BEFORE the shutdown of the factories and mailed to me by the end of January, but due to this week and a half early close down, it’s not a possibility.

I am as devastated as you are.

I also have a new compact mirror coming out that I now need to wait to have completed until March.

I’m told the order will now be done by the end of March, then shipped to me (this takes 7 days to arrive) then shipped to my patient customers.

I’ll keep everyone updated, and will post this update on my website.

Please sit tight. They will be worth the wait!


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