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LIVE C-section footage + comparing Emergency Vs Elective cesarean | Part 1

Posted on May 06 2017

Watch this video here:

In this video, I speak about the differences between the two C-sections I have had. The first being an emergency, and the second an elective.
Part one includes:
• LIVE footage of the elective C-section, the birth of my second son, London.
• Compares the differences in the 24 hours leading up to both procedures.
• Me speaking about the negative reaction I had to the pain meds they gave me for the Emergency Cesarean. (Watch out for this ladies!!!)
• Having an epidural, the needle, the pain (or lack of) and the pain med top-up for the emergency procedure.
• The actual incision and the ice checks to ensure that I was indeed…..numb.
• Why I needed the emergency Cesarean.
• My birth Plan and how COMPLETELY necessary this is for first time mums.
• The questions you NEED to ask your doctor.
• Comparisons of my post-op experience, Emergency Vs Elective & how quickly I got to hold my babies and breastfeed in both situations.

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