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VIDEO DESCRIPTION: This video is the delivery & unboxing of my massive order of Gothic Furniture, from the worlds leading manufacturer (Possibly the worlds only?) of Goth Furniture.....If you don’t know who I’m speaking about, then let me introduce you to this deliciously macabre brand that is HAUNT FURNITURE.

Hailing from Australia, (like myself) they are the only people in the world producing furniture in this style, and if you're a dark soul like me who likes your pretty things to be BLACK, DARK BLACK or BLOOD RED, you're going to love watching this video!

Haunt Furniture & I are running a promotion together!
To receive a 10% OFF your Haunt Furniture order, simply email and ask for the ‘Avelina De Moray;’ discount BEFORE placing your order.

Items Purchased from Haunt Furniture:
‘Luxe’ King Canopy Bed (Gloss Black & Crystal Beading) $3,695.00
‘Aphrodite’ Bench (Gloss Black , Blood Red Velvet & Crystal Beading) $1,195.00
‘Alchemist’ Bookcase (Gloss Black, Silver Handles) $3,995.00
‘Mafia’ Display Cabinet (Gloss Black) ITEM arriving in JUNE arrivals $2,995.00
‘Countess’ Dresser (Gloss Black) $2,895.00
‘Raised By Bats’ Parlour Settee (3 seater Lounge) (Gloss Black, Blood Red Velvet & Crystal Beading) $2,895.00
‘Cinderella’ Vanity (Gloss Black) $3,495.00
‘Vampiress’ Stool (Gloss Black, Blood Red Velvet) $395.00
‘Aphrodite’ Parlour Chair x 2 (Silver finish, Black Faux Leather & Crystal Beading) $1595.00 each
‘Maleficent’ Mirror (Gloss Black) $495.00
‘Aurora’ Hall Table (Silver) $1,995.00
‘Aurora’ Bedside Tables (Gloss Black) $597.50 each
‘Raised By Bats’ Coffin Coffee Table (Gloss Black with Blood Red Interior) $1,495.00

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