The order arrived on the 6th of October! 99% of ALL preorders have now been mailed out, but i still do have a few here that im waiting on address confirmation from. Please check your email if you haven't received a tracking notification email yet. 

Thank you all for waiting for this beauiful project to come to life!


It seems Sea Freight is alot quicker than everyone expected! The shipment appears to already be in the country folks! Fingers crossed it may reach me 2 or 3 weeks earlier than expected!

 17/8/2022 SHIPPING DELAY (new  photos added to the gallery below)

Ive been sending out emails to confirm everyones address. Thank you to those who have already confirmed. Now for the difficult news. This really saddens me to share this with you, But I’m just going to be honest and hope that all my customers understand the tricky position I’ve been put in.

I emailed everyone just last week with the good news that the Dani Divine & Black Friday items were almost complete, and would be shipping on the 16th of August. Everything was on track for this to happen, until we had a little hiccup (more like a major fucking bump in the road – if I'm honest) in regards to the Air Freight shipping fee.

My last HUGE order from my company overseas was PRE-COVID. And I based my allocated shipping money on this last order. (I even added 20% extra for inflation).
What I didn’t expect, was to receive a bill for $6000USD for air freight! (my previous order for the same amount of stock was $2400USD).

Now add the shitty Australian dollar exchange rate to this, the $6000USD converts to $8900 AUD.

I had only put aside $4000AUD, which has forced me to abandon using AIR FREIGHT, and go with sea freight, which is significantly cheaper, but the downside is, it takes 30-40 days to arrive to me.

I am so fucking sorry everyone! I know you’ve been waiting such a long long time for these items, but we’re going to have to wait just a little long still.

Mind you, the order left the overseas sea port on August 28nd, so we are already one week into the 30-40 day journey!

I am a single mum, and my business isn’t anywhere near as large as my competitors (KILLSTAR etc) who have bucket loads of money to throw at these issues. - I just don’t have the extra funds lying around to use at my disposal for the stupidly high air freight fees.

I’m sure most of you will be understanding of this situation, and I assure you it is me that is the most disappointed by this……I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Thank you for confirming your address. And I guess we’ll all just sit tight and wait for the damn boat to arrive with our precious cargo!

Please forgive me,
Much love,

Avelina De Moray


6/8/2022. The Dani Divine & Black Friday collection is due to be finished on the 10th of August! And then shipping to me on the 16th! I will start emailing customers now to confirm addresses!

(*new manufacturing photos added to the gallery below*)

23/7/2022. Manufacturing is still due to be completed by the end of July. Below are some photos I've been sent from my company of the manufacturing process!

15/6/2022 Note: These items have now gone into manufacturing. This will take 45 days from this date, so the order is due to be finished at the end of July. The items then have to be shipped to me, and quality checked, before I am able to start mailing items to customers.

I hope to start mailing items to everyone by the end of August. If not a week or so sooner.

I will be mailing out orders in the order in which i received them. I.e. If you were a lovely customer that pre-ordered an item back in December, your order will  ship first.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this collection a success!

Ill be in touch in Late July to confirm your addresses.



The samples arrived today and are just beautiful! I will quickly Photography these items before mailing them to Dani in the UK. Then we will do about a month of promotion before commencing manufacturing! YAS!!!!!

Please see the gallery below for images of the entire Dani Divine Collection.


All samples for the handbag, purse, mirror and wallet are now completed and ring expressed to me! (photos below)

Once the samples arrive to me I will then express the complete collection to Dani Divine and we will get ready to officially launch the bags. I imagine we will need a few weeks to secure a few more preorders before manufacturing starts on the bulk order.

Dani and I appreciate everyone’s patience so much with this project.

Samples that normally take a week to 2 weeks to complete, have taken 2 1/2 months. Please read my post below if you would like to know the details


I know everyone’s been waiting such a long time, and the samples were started back in February, and I actually paid for them back in December when I open pre-orders, but China literally shut down for all of January and February due to their spring festival in Chinese New Year and then the government extended it for another three weeks, due to Covid. And recently Shanghai got shut down for another two weeks. Unfortunately, the district that my manufacturer is based in, is located in a hotspot, and they have just been in an out of constant shutdowns since February.

It’s definitely slowed things down. There are many processes involved in the makings of my bags, and when a factory shuts down, that does something specific like embroidery, the rest of the bag cannot go forwards until that step is first completed, so a sample which usually takes a week, took 2 1/2 months to complete!!


Today I received photos of the Wallet from my manufacturer! WOW! that does that look AMAZING!!! I am also suppose to see photos of the compact mirror, purse and handbag later today!


I received some Amazing photos of the Dani Divine Handbag & Purse today! Although a few changes are needed, I'm really very excited about the images i received, and Im sure you'd agree, the end result is just going to be killer!

Here are some pics:


The samples are taking longer than expected due to covid. Usually this process takes 2 to 3 weeks, but I've been waiting almost 6 now. Every other day, a worker is sent home, or a factory closes due to strict overseas restrictions in Honk Kong. Many of the people I work with have had stay home if their children are sick with covid.

I appreciate your patience with everything more than you know.

The metal mill is still working on my new metal logo (see below) so I have asked them to continue making my samples WITHOUT my logo on the bags -  as this will speed things up.

The bulk production of the bags will have my metal logo on them.

I was sent these photos today:


My company has started the samples, and I have confirmed all the material and hardware swatches. Here is the sample maker below working on the Dani Divine coffin purse.

The samples being made for Dani will have the RED interior, and the ones for myself will be Fuchsia! I can't wait to see how these look!

Below is the new Avelina De Moray METAL logo that will be featured on my new handbags!!!


Hi Everyone!

Thank you to all the ladies (and guys) that have pre-orders the Dani Divine Purse & Handbag so far! We both appreciate you SO much!.

I’ve hit some manufacturing issues with the sample bags  - as China has literally shut down for two months, and wont re open until the end of February.

Each year - China shuts for 3 weeks as part of their Spring Festival and Chinese New Year celebrations. However, this year the government shut down the factories earlier that usual and sent all workers home due to another nation-wide lockdown for Covid.

This means, that they have been shut for the entire Month of January, and wont reopen until the end of February.

The samples will be made as soon as the country re opens for manufacturing. 

It will be SO much easier for Dani and i to receive the pre orders we need to be able to proceed with manufacturing once we actually have the sample bags in our hot little hands.

I understand it’s a long wait, but we both know it will be worth it and want to thank you again!

Ill post any future updates on this blog for you all.

Much love

Avelina De Moray

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