Comparing my Emergency Vs Elective Cesarean - C Section | Part 2

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Part TWO includes:
• I compare the differences in the first few days after each type of Cesarean.
• I speak and show pictures of the bruised incision, one day after the operation
• The Post Natal Depression I experienced with both babies & how I handled this.
• The pressure I endured from the midwifes to breast feed, and the lack of sensible suggestions to give my baby UNTIL my milk arrived. (Which seriously, was on about day 10)
• My theory on the cesarean affecting my milk coming in
• The confusion you may experience from the constantly rotating & contradictory midwives at your hospital.
• The pain you experience the first time you try to stand after the operation
• How quickly the pain diminishes.
• How quickly one can expect to be up and moving
• The healing of the cesarean scars and knowing about ‘keloid’ scaring.
• The differences in how quickly I lost the ‘baby weight’ after each birth.
• I recommend & speak about the SRC C-Section Recovery shorts.
You need to get your babies on a sleep routine!
Sleepy planet link:
• How I tried medication to increase my breast milk.

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