Avelinas single LIKE A DRUG released and hits 70K Spotify streams!

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Holy freaking batwings! I am absolutely blown away! Can you believe it? My debut single "Like a Drug" has been tearing it up on Spotify with over 70K streams! That's beyond insane! I want to give a massive shoutout to all my incredible fans who took the time to listen to the song or create awesome content with it on Instagram and TikTok. You all rock!

But hey, if you haven't already, make sure to head over to YouTubeand check out the stunning music video. Let me spill the beans on some behind-the-scenes action: we filmed it right in my photography studio, and guess what? I walked on a treadmill the entire time! Yep, you heard that right. I even sprayed that treadmill green, worked some magical CGI on the background, and, oh boy, did I have a hilarious wipeout moment (should I share it? Let me know!). I mean, who could blame me? Walking on a treadmill in stiletto boots while strumming a guitar is a recipe for epic fails and laughs!

Thank you all for your amazing support. You're the reason I'm living this wild and wonderful musical journey. Stay tuned for more electrifying tunes and memorable adventures! 🎸🖤

Love, Avelina.


Get ready to rock out with Avelina - the gothic singer/guitarist/designer from Sydney, Australia, who's taking the music world by storm. Avelina has an impressive lineup of upcoming music releases that will have you headbanging in no time.

Her first single, "Like a Drug," drops on April 14th 2023 (Presave link below), expect some hard-hitting riffs and catchy vocal hooks, but it's her attention to detail and passion for creating the perfect sound that sets her apart. Her intricate guitar melodies & solos are a testament to her dedication to her craft, and her fans can't wait to hear what she has in store for them. 

The production for her upcoming single is in the vein of Royal Blood, Jack White & Queens of the Stone Age.

Following the release of "Like A Drug", Avelina has a cover of Lady Gaga's "Bloody Mary" will be next, with a video clip set to be filmed in April. This exciting cover is sure to be a bloody good time.

In addition to her musical work, Avelina has design collaborations lined up with some of the biggest names in the gothic scene. She's working with:

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