Avelina launches her PODCAST: Sex, Blood & Rock n Roll - Episode 1A NOW LIVE!

'Sex Blood & Rock n Roll' is a Podcast brought to you by Avelina De Moray, a successful Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Designer & Musician from Sydney, Australia. Within the podcast, Avelina talks about her beautifully macabre aesthetic & interests, showcases her Gothic home & decor styling, shares business tips, performs original music & covers. She also speaks of her own spiritual awakening, meditation techniques, sex & love advice, parenting tips, and fashion/makeup reviews. This is a jam-packed podcast that will surely delight the devilish darkness that resides within you. Avelina has a cheeky, humorous & intelligent way with her words. You will soon be hooked on this weekly show!

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3:00 LIFE UPDATE: • I speak about the pandemic & business updates, the challenges of being in lockdown & keeping my daily routine of meditation, reading, exercise, video calls whilst trying to stay connected.

4:17 BUSINESS UPDATE: • My order of 500 handbags has arrived! After waiting 9 months ( due to the delays caused by Covid) they are finally here! A huge thank you to my awesome customers for supporting me and my family and being so patient.


  • • Black Friday handbag in BLACK PURPLE AND RED
  • • BLACK FRIDAY ladies wallet
  • • BLACK FRIDAY men's wallet
  • • Frankenstein handbag and wallet set
  • • AVAILABLE HERE: http://www.avelinademoray.com

6:37 NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my new compact mirror in collaboration with the beautiful Kristiana One and Only. I am very proud to have designed a WORLD FIRST in regards to the shape of my web mirror!

Now available in RED, BLACK & WHITE for $34.95

LINK TO MIRROR: https://avelinademoray.com/products/k...

LINK TO KRISTIANA: https://avelinademoray.com/products/@...

8:08 MUSIC UPDATE For those of you that do not know, I am a prolific songwriter, having written over 75 songs during 2020, I decided it was finally time to start releasing them to the world! I love being in the FLOW state, where my heart opens and it feels like I write from a higher source. I'm currently working with a producer and we are in pre-production on my first Single. We have selected 20 of my strongest songs, which I will be sharing with you within this very podcast!

12:23 MUSIC: Avelina performs WHITE MUSTANG by Lana Del Rey .


  • • Do you struggle to warm up?
  • • Do you always compare yourself to other singers?
  • • Are you trying to sound like other singers and not embracing your own authentic vocal style?
  • • Are you aware of your unique quirks or what makes your voice authentically yours?

I speak to you today about some advice I’ve gathered over my 12 years of teaching experience, and hope that this advice may help you on your own vocal journey!

23:10 SPIRITUALITY I speak about the kinds of spiritual topics I may cover within my podcast. Be it Sexual or Sacred energy, Empathy, meditation, or consciousness expansion.

25:00 MENTAL HEALTH: How to deal with a Toxic Person | An ethical experiment Are you in connection with someone toxic? Maybe it’s a problematic relationship with a Boss, Lover, friend, or even your spouse! Today I share the ethical experiment I did with a TOXIC person in my life, and the findings were quite marvelous! Keep watching to find out what I did, and let me know if you tried this yourself and received the same results?

31:30 SPIRITUALITY: Abraham Hicks If you are interested in The Power of Positivity and the Law of Attraction, check out Abraham Hicks! Avelina speaks about the Spiritual teachers that she enjoys presently. Joe Dispenza, Eckhart Tolle & Aaron Doughty.

33:00 SONG-WRITING SESSION: I perform my original song 'SUMMER RAIN'.

Avelinas website:



BUY ME A COFFEE! Support the show https://www.buymeacoffee.com/AvelinaD...

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