Afterpay Day sale NOW ON August 17-20th.

🌙 Unleash the Afterpay Day Magic! 🌙
Calling all nocturnal souls! 🦇 Embrace the enchantment of 25% OFF storewide from August 17-20 with code: AFTERPAYDAY23 🖤✨
Get ready to sink your fangs into the alluring world of Avelina De Moray. The iconic VAMP coffin ring has risen from the shadows, and is now back in stock, and available in the new size of US 10! 💍🦇
Unveil the mystery of our newly arrived Webtacular coffin boxes, and prepare to be captivated by the forthcoming arrival of the sterling silver 925 Black Friday jewelry collaboration pieces in just a few moonlit nights. 🌙🌟


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