DUE IN STOCK Early/Mid November: Black Friday Handbag + V2.0 Clutch, Mahafsoun Handbag + Wallet, Death Candy Coffin, Beatriz Mariano Bag + Goblin Queen Bag.


Posted on June 04 2018

UPDATE: 4th Of October, 2018.

The goods were finished as of a few days ago, and the ship has been booked to move my bags from Hong Kong to Sydney on the 10th of October. (Leaving Hong Kong on the 10th). This journey to Sydney takes 3-4 weeks.

Estimate arrival date: Mid November.

Shipping to customers: As soon as i receive them, once they are released from Australian customs.

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UPDATE: 6th Of September, 2018.

Hey Hey!

So today my manufacturer told me they need another 4 weeks to finalize my order. This means that instead of the bags being ready to ship to me at the beginning of September, it will now be at the end of September.

Once the bags are shipped at the end of September, they will take 3 weeks to reach the Sydney Port, need to clear customs and then arrive via courier to me.

I will start to send out emails to confirm everyones address is the coming weeks, and would like to wish you all a Happy early Halloween & thank you all for your support and patience!

Avelina De Moray


6th of June, 2018

Hi everyone,

If you have pre-ordered anything from me over the last few months, please make sure you read this email. I am excited to announce, that as of a few days ago (28th of May), I paid the deposit to have manufacturing start on the following bags:

  • Black Friday Handbag
  • Black Friday Clutch V2.0
  • Mahafsoun Handbag
  • Mahafsoun Wallet
  • The Goblin Queen Handbag
  • Death Candy Wallet (in 4 colors!)
  • Beatrix Mariano Handbag.

This means all of these bags have received enough preorders to come to life!
Thank you so much for your support.

My manufacturer has told me it will take approximately 70 business days to complete this massive order of 750 bags.

If there are no delays, this means they should be finished in August, and will ship via sea, to me in Australia, (which will take three weeks). And the need to clear customs and be delivered to me locally.

I cannot promise that this is an exact timeline, so please don't quote me on this, but I would be over the moon if I could start shipping out these bags to customers sometime in September.

Please understand that the length of time it takes to manufacture these bags is completely out of my control, but I will keep you updated and I'm sure you are as excited as the girls and myself are, to read that these bags and now being made.


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