Mens Black Friday Wallet NO SIGIL

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This is the NO SIGIL OF LUCIFER listing.

Guys! we heard your cry for a masculine version of the Black Friday wallet, and boy has Avelina delivered.

Every material used within this bag are faux & VEGAN friendly, as this was VERY important to both Black Friday & Avelina.

The outside of this wallet features an evil raised ‘bat wing’ inspired design & is constructed from two materials; matte leather, PU patent leather.

The wallet features ample space for all your cards, a photo ID section, zippered flip pocket, and a luxurious slip pocket lined with BLOOD RED (OR BLACK) suede for your notes.

The sigil of Lucifer is printed on the inside of the wallet in metallic silver, and sits opposite the embossed logo ‘Black Friday by Avelina De Moray’.

The wallet also has an eyelet on the side, so you can attach your favorite chain.

If you want the SIGIL OF LUCIFER on your wallet, CLICK HERE


  • Wallet Width :11cm
  • Wallet Height: 9cm
  • Wallet  Depth: 2cm

        Black Friday will receive profit from each wallet sold.

        WANT TO LAY-BY THIS wallet????  CLICK HERE for more info.


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