Drac Makens Wallet Red

Drac Makens Wallet Red

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The outside of the walle is made from a combination of RED faux PU shinny leather, and faux crocodile leather. Every material used within this bag is VEGAN friendly, as this was VERY important to both Drac & Avelina.

The front features blood red layered patent & crocodile and a printed artwork of Drac & Avelinas baby bat.

The interior of the wallet is lined with faux suede leather & features photo ID section, plenty of card slots, a zippered compartment for coins & is embossed with ‘Drac Makens by Avelina De Moray

The back of the wallet also has a 15cm back zipper for additional storage (lined with satin). A lovely little detail Avelina addedd to Dracs bag, was the cross zipper handles which have black and red swarovski jewels in them. A nice little touch of bling!

All hardware on the bag is silver.

All materials used in this bag are Vegan friendly.



  • Red Wallet: Interior colour is BLACK


  • Wallet Length:19cm
  • Wallet Height: 10cm
  • Wallet  width: 3cm
  • Weight: 220 grams

SHIPPING COST (In Australian Dollars)

  • Australia: $10.5
  • New Zealand: $13
  • Worldwide: $14.50

Drac Makens will receive 25% profit from each bag sold.

Note: this product will be manufactured once we've reached 75 pre-orders. Therefore, this product will not ship immediately. We estimate that this item will ship 8 weeks after our pre-order quota has been met.


Drac Makens was the very first Goth Youtuber Avelina was exposed too! She, along with the rest of the gothic community, instantly feel in love with Drac.

After Avelina discovered that her and Drac have a mutual interest in Polly Pockets (hehe), Marilyn Manson & gothy tidbits, she knew they should collab & create an epic handbag!

Avelina and Drac both contributed to the main artwork for the front of the bag. Drac drew a sketch of a baby bat (which Avelina then redrew) to create cohesive line work so this addition would match the existing artwork. Drac also wanted a bold crucific somewhere in the artwork, so Avelina was sure to include several crosses.

Drac & Avelina had several catch phrases they were considering for the front of the bag, but they both decided on the word 'VAMP' as they have a mutual love for vampires.

If you've been following Drac for a while, you know she has a deep love for red, so it came as no surprise to Avelina, that Drac would want her bag to be a bright, bold red. (Blood red, one might say?)

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