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Ezme LA Morte Handbag SILVER

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This is for the SILVER listing. Click here for GOLD.

Inspired by one of Avelinas favorite high-end fashion bags, the 'Ezme LA Morte' handbag is going to blow your mind.

Think patent leather with a quilted finish, velvet border, spikes, a lovely faux suede baby pink interior AND available in either SILVER on GOLD!!!!

This bag incorporates Ezme’s two favourite colours, black and baby pink. The underneath of the lid is embroidered with the Wiccan symbol for goddess, (also in baby pink!), and for those of you who loved that the @drac_makens strap that was spiked....I am pleased to say that I have returned this feature on Ezme’s bag.

As always, this product uses all Faux materia0s and is VEGAN friendly.


  • 25cm Wide
  • 18cm High
  • 10cm Deep

WANT TO LAY-BY THIS wallet????  CLICK HERE for more info.

PLEASE NOTE: This bag will be manufactured ONCE we have received 75 pre orders.At this point, a deposit will be paid so manufacturing can start which may take 8-12 weeks.This item WILL NOT ship immediately.

Check out Ezme on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ezmelamorte/

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