Black Friday Clutch V3.0
Black Friday Clutch V3.0
Black Friday Clutch V3.0
Black Friday Clutch V3.0
Black Friday Clutch V3.0
Black Friday Clutch V3.0

Black Friday Clutch V3.0

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All 17 have the Sigil of Lucifer.

These bags are technically replacements, made by my company to replace some faulty stock I was sent back with batch 1.  I decided to re-add the top spikes  (like V1.0) & make them very special! I’m calling them ‘V3.0’

10/12/2018 - 2pm: ONLY 10 left!

  • It will feature BLACK VELVET on the front (previously back faux suede).
  • The middle divider has been removed and the zipper compartment has been moved to the back wall of the bag, making the bag more spacious & open. 
  • The bottom width of the bag has be increased from  to 7cm & the top width of the bag to 5cm. (V 1.0 was 5cm at the bottom and 3cm at the top)
  • Every material used within this bag are faux & VEGAN friendly, as this was VERY important to both Black Friday & Avelina.
  • The back of the bag also has a large 20cm back zipper for additional storage for important items (lined with black satin).
  • This bag will come with a removable & adjustable black shoulder strap. Strap length: 114cm
  • All hardware on the bag is silver.


  • Bag Length: 30cm
  • Bag Height: 14cm
  • Bag Base depth: 7cm
  • Strap length: 120cm (also adjustable)


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