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Beatriz Mariano Handbag BLEMISHED

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It has a slight mark on the front 

I have discounted it by $20

    Beatriz Mariano is a fierce young lady, whose firmly holding the alternative fashion photography industry by the balls! Having modeled for occult brands like Killstar & Rogue & Wolf, she is quickly becoming one of the most sought after models.

    When Beatriz first saw her clutch, she said 'It's so FUCKING METAL, its stupid".

    The outside of the bag will be made from faux black patent leather, and the front features a massive steel inverted pentagram filled with blood red enamel.

    The sides and interior lining of this killer clutch will be black velvet.

    The inside of the bag features a large interior zippered & two sachets.

    The inside of the bag will also feature an black patch printed with 'Beatriz Mariano by Avelina De Moray'.

    The bag will have a removable strap & a back zipper compartment for additional storage for important items (lined with black satin).

    All materials used in this bag are Vegan friendly.


    • Length: 25cm
    • Height: 15cm
    • Base depth: 8cm

    Beatriz Mariano will receive 25% profit from each bag sold.

    Note: this product will be manufactured once we've reached 50 pre-orders. Therefore, this product will not ship immediately. We estimate that this item will ship 8 weeks after our pre-order quota has been met.

    Thank you! Beatriz & Avelina.

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    Please note: Promotional photos of this bag will be released as soon as the sample has been made. Please do not be alarmed if the clutch is ever so slightly different to what is shown here.

    This bag design is protected by international copyright law. Copyright © 2017 Avelina De Moray.


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    Beatriz Marianos Instagram: @BeatrizMarianoPhotography

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