VAMP Coffin Ring
VAMP Coffin Ring
VAMP Coffin Ring
VAMP Coffin Ring
VAMP Coffin Ring
VAMP Coffin Ring
VAMP Coffin Ring

VAMP Coffin Ring

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1/5/2022 Please note: This item is a pre order. The sample is currently being perfected. Expect a 2 to 3-month wait.

29/4/2022 I have extended the size range to include 10 in the Sterling Silver version.

Avelina has made a strong entrance into the world of Gothic Jewelry with this meticulously designed Coffin Ring.

Avelina's blood, sweat, and tears went into perfecting this design (which actually came to her in a recent dream! In which she saw the housing of the stone resembling the shape of a casket).

Most of Avelinas favorite rings in her personal collection feature large AF faceted stones, and this ring was surely going to trump them all!

Featuring a massive 3.3cm coffin-shaped stone, the facets have been precisely cut to give it maximum sparkles and WOW factor!

To get technical on you: the stone has been cut to optimal angles to take advantage of the stones' refractive index. This offers beautiful scintillation and a fire-like shimmer effect.

A modern take on the traditional crown and pavilion cut, Avelinas 'coffin shape' crown uses 'flat-tier' cuts (combined with a sharp pavilion), which makes use of unique reflective geometry.

This is definitely a conversation starter & fit to adorn the hand of any Vampire. 

As this is Avelinas first ring, she wanted to 'test the waters' so to speak, in regards to the materials used. For this reason, you are able to purchase this ring in either plated Sterling Silver, or the full-on collector's edition - S925 Solid Sterling Silver.

Avelina is aware many people have allergies and cannot wear plated rings, so this was one of the reasons she wanted to offer the high-end option of solid sterling silver.

The ring features:

  1. 3.3cm by 1.9cm Faceted coffin stone
  2. Intricate Spider Web cut-out design on side of setting
  3. Crescent moon cut-outs on front & back of setting.
  4. Engraved with 'Avelina De Moray' ('Avelina De Moray s925' on the Sterling Silver version)
  5. Embossed 'VAMP' lettering on both sides of the coffin,
  6. 2 Silver bats on the front and back faces of the coffin casket
  7. Adorned with 6 little red jewels on the casket's faces.
  8. Comes in a custom black jewelry box printed with Avelinas logo.
  9. Coffin shaped 'window' in bezel setting (To allow for a brighter stone)
  10. Available in both plated sterling silver & Solid Sterling Silver (S925).

Available sizes: 6,7,8 & 9.

Size Note: Please email me if you would like a smaller or larger ring size other than 6,7,8 or 9. I’ve already had requests for size 10 & 5. If I get enough interest in other sizes - I can open preorders for these.

  • Email:
  • Email Subject: ‘Coffin Ring Size’


The red ring is being endorsed by Dani Divine. Dani will receive a small royalty from each sale to help promote the design!

If demand is high enough, Avelina will open pre-orders for alternative stone colors.(She currently has 5 different stone colors being made - Green, Amber, moonstone, blue and hot pink)

Please add Avelina on Instagram so you can see the unveiling of the available colors Mid April.




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