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27 may

Avelina welcomes the arrival of her second baby boy,
London De Moray!!

Baby London was born on the 27th of May 2016

Avelina, Von & Londons big brother Steele, are enjoying this special time together as they welcome this new addition into their growing family.

Come and see Avelina perform with her band As Angels Bleed

22 oct
Avelina releases a video showcasing her first book featuring 64 pages of her artworks, Gothic poetry by her husband Von Lehmann and the As Angels Bleed CD.

Give it a watch below.


Here's a very special video of Avelina De Moray performing an acoustic rendition of 'Lumiere'.

New stuff
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15 jun

As Angels Bleed vocalist Avelina De Moray holding her Limited Edition leather bound art book.

The book showcases her vampire art, poetry, song lyrics and of course, the As Angels Bleed CD. You can order a copy of this book HERE

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21 oct
Avelina's gorgeous Black and Red 'Femme Fatale' clutch is currently on sale for only $44.95!

The perfect accessory to satisfy your sanguine addiction.

This (fake) snakeskin black clutch features blood-red satin interior lining, a handy compartment for your mobile phone, and plenty of room for your red lipstick, razor blades & unholy water.

It measures a massive 30cm by 13cm. The clutch is 3cm in width when closed and expands to 8cm when open.

Avelina's black and red clutch also features a steel gothic bat riveted onto the front of the bag.

Buy yours today!

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If you have photos of yourself wearing Avelina’s clothing, or one of her artworks hanging on your wall (or any other products), she'd love to see it.

Please email your photos to: avelinademoray@hotmail.com

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3 aug
New Angel Of Death wallpaper now online!

This is the place to find Avelina's vampire wallpapers for your computer desktop.

From vampires to werewolfs, skulls and roses...you're sure to find the perfect wallpaper to suit your macarbe sense of reality.

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View catalogue online

Click here, to view Avelina's online catalogue

View Avelina's entire product range in an online catalogue

From vampire art to gothic handbags, Avelina has a product guaranteed to release the devil from within you!

Whether it's a vampire canvas to adorn your castle walls, or simply a cool gothic T-shirt to go with your favorite pair of black jeans...Avelina's ever expanding collection of vampiric and gothic merchandise is sure to satisfy your sanguine addiction!


call for models

Avelina is always on the lookout for new and exciting models to work with. If you think you have the right look, and would like to be involved in a artwork or merchandise photoshoot, please send Avelina an email and a few photos of your current look.

Please note: Avelina lives in Sydney, Australia, only models who can travel to Sydney need contact her.



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new retailer: Dante Gothic  (Madrid, Spain)

new retailer: Dante Gothic.

I'm so excited to announce I now have a retailer in Madrid!!! If you're in Spain, please check out the awesome store Dante Gothic for a variety of
Avelina De Moray merchandise........Woo!!!

new retailer: MAME clothing (Perth, australia)

new retailer: MAME clothing (australia)

A big warm welcome to Mame Clothing who are my first retailer in Western Australia!!. This lovely store is now selling Avelina De Moray merchandise, so if you’re in Perth, pop on into their store and check them out!!! http://www.mame.com.au/

Avelina's in Vampire Art Now!

Avelina's in Vampire Art Now!

Six of Avelina's vampire artworks have been featured in the new JASMINE BECKET-GRIFFITH book 'Vampire Art Now'. Read more on Avelina' Press page

BUY Avelina's vampire Night Stalker Top here


The 'Night Stalker' top features features a sexy open front and is ornamented with Avelina's trademark vampire charm on the neck choker. This top is to die for!
Price $44 - Buy one here'

View Avelina's new Gothic artwork in her art gallery here

New Vampire art: Temptation

Temptation is Avelina's first completely illustrated artwork! Absolutely no photography used in this one, which is a new medium for Avelina.
But this artwork on canvas here

VIew Avelina's new vampire artwork here

New Vampire art: Perils of Immortality

Avelina's latest gothic artwork entitled 'Perils Of Immortality. Make sure you check this baby up close with ZOOMIFY here.
But this artwork on canvas here

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4 new retailers!

Avelina's is so excited to share all my new retailers with you guys! This is going to make it much easier for my fans in Australia and around the world to buy my products. Gothic Garden , Hidden Agenda ,
Million Dollar Babe The Black Angel

Avelina's first handbag 'Femme Fatale bat clutch'

avelina's handbag: femme fatale bat clutch

This (fake) snakeskin clutch features blood-red satin interior lining, a handy compartment for your mobile phone, and plenty of room for your red lipstick, razor blades & unholy water. Price $59.95
Buy one here

Buy this artwork on canvas here

new vampire art: from hungers deep

Avelina's newest vampire artwork entitled 'From hungers deep' is now available on massive 36" by 24" canvas.
Buy this artwork on canvas here

View Avelina's Heretic Collection

The Heretic Collection

Just over a month ago now, Avelina launched her first collection of gothic clothing & vampire lingerie from the line she named 'The Heretic Collection' - 'Fashion for the recently deceased.'
see photos

View Avelina's wedding photos here

Avelina's Gothic wedding

On the 10th of October, 2010, Avelina married her Love, Von Lehmann. She's pleased to share with you the gorgeous photos from her gothic wedding!
see photos

Buy one of Avelina's vampire pendants here

Vampire pendants released!

Avelina's gothic pendants are now available & are absolutely gorgeous! The pendants (Stainless steel) come with an 18" inch serpent box chain, and will be sent in a black velvet jewelry pouch. PRICE $49.95 AUD
buy one here

Miss Alternative Pageant 2010

Miss Alternative Pageant 2010

Avelina's so excited! to announce she is going to be a judge at the Miss Alternative Pageant finals in Sydney. Avelina is also a sponsor of this event. Make sure you come to the finals and support the Alternative modeling scene.

Read this article here

Check out this great article

Minerva from FanGirlTastic has written an awesome article on Avelina and her vampire art.
Read it here

new vampire art: what death tastes like

new vampire art: what death tastes like

After about 20 hours of non-stop work, Avelina's pleased to share her latest vampire artwork with you. Entitled 'What Death Tastes Like', this piece is her all-time favorite!
View artwork

HOLY SHIT! Avelina's on the cover of Nowa fantastyka

Avelina's on the cover of Nowa fantastyka

HOLY SHIT! Avelina's vampire artwork 'The Exorcism of Lucy Westenra' is on the cover of the Polish Fiction magazine Nowa Fantastyka!
View the cover here

Buy Avelina's VAMPIRE tank tops here

new clothing: vampire tank tops

Avelina's new girls tank tops have just been released!
The first design features her vampire artwork 'Queen of the damned', and the second top has Avelina's rose artwork 'Rest In Peace'
Buy these tank tops here

Visit the Vampire Empire website

Avelina's on vampire empire

Avelina's art is currently featured on the Vampire Empire website. Check their website out below!
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